December 14, 2008

Problems with the EXBPA on using CCR Clustering on Windows 2008

Whilst on the subject of the EXBPA (previous rambling here I thought that I would pass on a couple of (probably well known) tips on why the BPA can fail or generate warnings when being run against a Windows 2008 based Exchange 2007 server using the “Health Check” option. The Two most common errors […]

December 3, 2008

VMWARE Server – Installing Exchange 2007 SP 1 Using CCR on Windows 2008 – Part 2…

In my previous article on this subject (located here: I explained how you can configure VMWARE server 1.0.3 to run Windows 2008 server and what sort of resource allocation of the host that you should be looking to provide your VMWare Guest in order to get a reasonable test environment running. Before I begin […]

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