February 24, 2012

Configuring e-Mail Notifications in Nagios Core…

Linked to my multi part series on using Nagios Core with Exchange server, I would like to explain how you can configure mail notifications to recipients when status changes occur within the Nagios monitoring environment. If you are just joining us here, I recommend that you have a look at the series in its entirety […]

February 24, 2012

Video Preview of the Nagios Discovery Tool…

Recently I have been doing quite a bit of work with Nagios Core, which if you have not seen the article series you are most welcome to have a look at them below: In Part 1 I covered how you can install Nagios Core 3.3.1 onto an existing Ubuntu 11.10 server within your environment In […]

January 7, 2012

Installing Nagios on Ubuntu Server 11.10 then Monitoring Windows and Exchange Servers–Part 1–Configuring Ubuntu for the Installation of Nagios Core…

[ NOTE: ] This part has been updated to reflect some suggestions from readers of the site. Sections that have changed are: Installing Nagios Core – added the sed commands before the “Make” process, this fixes an issue with the Make file which prevents the Nagios home page from being displayed, as well as some […]

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