August 26, 2011

VBSCRIPT to Set OOF for Exchange 2003…

Overview   This VBScript will set the OOF for a given mailbox user on Exchange 2003. System Requirements   VBSCRIPT Windows 2003 Exchange 2003 Installation   Download the VBS file to the Exchange Server that you wish to configure the Out of Office settings for, then double click on the file and provide the target […]

April 9, 2011

Exchange 2003 Out of Office Tool – version 1.30

Overview   This utility can be installed on your Exchange server and then used by administrators to set the Out of Office Status for users in their organization without having to log into the destination mailbox. You can also configure an alternative recipient from within the tools interface – this version replaces all previous versions. […]

April 9, 2011

ESEUtils GUI – Version 1.0

Overview   This utility places a Front End on to the command line interface databases utilities that are supplied with Exchange Server. This version has been tested with Exchange 2003 SP2. To install the program you need to download it to your Exchange server and run the self extracting exe. Please note that this version […]

September 2, 2009

Forcing the removal of Exchange Attributes on a Directory User (the RemoveExchangeAttributes tool)…

There have been may points over the years where I have personally (not sure if anyone else out there has encountered this) where I have forcibly needed to disassociate (or remove) a user account from its mailbox. Normally this would be accomplished via the Exchange Management Shell using the Disable-Mailbox or the Remove-Mailbox -StoreMailboxIdentity -Database […]

December 3, 2008

Recovering old Public Folders to a Server with a Different Name, and Different Organisation

Ok consider the following scenario; You have been running Exchange 2003 for a number of years through many versions, and you have had a couple of Exchange 2003 organisations which have been de-commissioned as you physical organisation has changed, therefore you have un-installed them and created new installations. Suddenly someone comes to you one day, […]

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