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Terms and Policies on websites can be a little hard going and indeed read like the publisher of a site is “wagging a finger” at the reader – so if mine sounds like that I apologise in advance. There are good reasons as to why most sites should carry a policy – for example to protect copyright, establish expectations and ensure that both the publisher of the site and the people who read it are protected from any potential confusion or risk of litigation.


I reserve the right to modify, remove or ignore any comments that are placed on this website. I do not remove comments that disagree with my point of view but I will remove any comments that appear to be SPAM, offensive or use abusive language. If a comment is placed on this site which does disagree with a statement that I have made, I will reply with an explanation as to why I made it, or a counter argument.

Comments that appear to basically be “trolling” or completely irrelevant to the post will be removed. For example; Posting a comment on an article which just says “Not Working” with no further information (including a false name and e-mail address e.g. [email protected]) – will be canned immediately – as such remarks do not help me, or other readers of this site.

If I begin to receive a high level of SPAM via the comments feature – I will switch it off. I generally will not reply to comments on posts that bear no relation to the topic contained with that specific post.


The content of this website is the sole intellectual property of Andy Grogan, where material is referenced from other sites, blog’s and/or publications it will be marked in the post. Where products are mentioned they (which includes images, logos, trademarks and slogans) these remain the sole property of the proprietor of the said product – Andy Grogan does not make any claim to any such copyrights nor will make any iota of profit from them.

If you wish to publish content from this site – please link it, DO NOT copy it – and especially DO NOT copy the content and not reference me – this has happened a few times and I will take action to protect my own intellectual rights on the work that I have published – this includes in extreme circumstances legal action.

All code examples on this site (which are marked property of Andy Grogan) are free to be used for either personal or commercial purposes (I am a realist) however all I ask is that you do not attempt to pass them off as you own work, as apart from being morally and legally wrong – it says more about you as a person than you might think.


All scripts, articles, source code and applications that appear on this site are provided “as is” which means that I cannot and will not accept any responsibility or liability for any issue(s) that may occur as a result of using the information or indeed the functionality of the said applications or source code.

All I can guarantee is, that all articles, scripts and associated code (compiled or otherwise) has been tested by myself within my own lab and works at the time of publication. In addition to this, any advice that I provide is based upon my own personal experiences to resolve issues or develop platform designs – therefore if anything does go wrong as a result of attempting to replicate the content that I have provided please do not hold me responsible.

The agreement between you and I [sic. and inclusive of] (which you accept implicitly by replicating or copying any post on this site, including the use of any of the source code ~ compiled or otherwise) or scripts is based upon you (as the reader) evaluating the tools in a lab scenario prior to using the information in a production context. If an article contains a disclaimer which states that the information (or tool / script) is NOT supported in a production scenario either by myself or Microsoft – then there are NO express warranties given at all!

Where comments are made about particular products or solutions I strongly urge you to understand that any such comments are my own personal view. I urge you to try something then if you agree with me then leave your own feedback.

Additionally, any views that I express on this site are mine and mine alone, and do not reflect in any way shape or form the view of my employer – or that of any other organisation that I may provide content for.


All Applications or Executable content (including scripts, code both compiled and non-compiled) that is made available via my site is scanned for known vulnerabilities which my AV-Vendors are aware of at the time. I use the engines from two vendors before uploading content – therefore I can certify that I am happy that my content is safe at that point.

However, due to the sad state of affairs that our digital world is in, no one can absolutely state that their executable content is “100% vulnerability clear” (for example I can verify that it was clear when it left my machines – however thereafter I am reliant on my hosting providers being up to spec – they assure me they are).

Therefore it is strongly recommended that before you download anything from my site or indeed ANY OTHER web site, ensure that your AV, SPAM and MALWARE protection is 100% up to date. I regret that I cannot be held responsible for out of date AV engines which are not that of my own.

Data Protection Policy – Privacy Disclaimer – Fair Processing Notice & GDPR

This policy covers the treatment of personal data that may store, including when you contact the author – or when you complete and submit an online form (typically contacts or comments) via the web site.

When completing forms you may be asked for personal information such as name or email address. It is only when you supply this type of information that you can be potentially personally identified. Information may be collected for the purposes of:

  • To fulfil your request for information.
  • To provide and improve the content of this site. does not at any time hold an information about persons which can be classified as “Sensitive Personal Information or personal information” – e.g. we do not collect data which is financial, or identifies a persons disabilities, sexual preference, Religion or legal status (e.g. Criminal Records, cautions etc).

This site uses cookies, however they are not used to collect, track or trace your activities online and will be used purely for enhanced experience whilst you are on the site. No information is shared with any third party either as an individual or organisation.

By using this site you agree to the terms of the cookie policy. If however you should have any concerns about your privacy whilst using please contact:

Andy Grogan via the Contact Page.


This website is hosted in the United States, however is run from and owned in the United Kingdom – therefore all terms and conditions of use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.