Industry Insights

Aside from community contributions, I have been invited to both present and be a guest expert on subjects such as government Digital technologies and cloud operating models.

I have worked mainly with UK Authority who are the leading periodical on technology in public sector organisations in the United Kingdom.

I’ll point out here that I don’t own the copyright to these events / interviews – they belong to UKA, so I have linked to them over on their website.

On the 13th March 2020 (just before lockdown hit in the UK) – I was part of an expert panel organised by UKA discussing cloud adoption in the public sector, approaches and at the time a little thing called “COVID-19”. Looking back now it is interesting to see how our initial observations on technological response to what became a global pandemic panned out.

You can view the panel recording here.
13th March 2020 – I gave an interview on the work that we had been doing within my organisation to harness private cloud along side public cloud operations for public sector based entities. You can view the interview here.
On Thursday 14th May 2020 I was part of an expert panel on a UKA virtual event. The topic of the event was around Powering Digital Public services where my material was based around building infrastructure platforms to support digital platforms. I also did a little around how the work that we had completed supported us through the COVID-19 period.

You can view my presentation here.