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December 3, 2016

In from the cold, and looking to the future – Part 2

So, two posts done – I might actually be serious about this! For those of you just re-joining us, I covered the various why’s about my prolonged absence and reasons why I have chosen now to return to blogging in part 1 of this series. It was an emotional affair which was probably as much […]

November 26, 2016

In from the cold, and looking to the future – Part 1

Wow!!, has it really been almost four years since I last sat down and wrote anything for telnetport25.com? What have I been doing? Why return now? What are you going to be writing about? – these are the questions that I hear no one ask! What have I been doing? Probably easier to really ask […]

April 1, 2013

MVP Award for 2013 – half a decade ~ wow!

Wow, and I really mean wow! – here in the UK it has been a 4 day holiday due to Easter ~ However, to round off what has been a very cool four days with my family – I received the following e-mail just a few moments ago from Microsoft: Dear Andy Grogan,Congratulations! We are […]

November 13, 2011

The new test lab is born…

Ok, so last weekend I was happily messing around in my Exchange test lab, then as Elzar from Futurama would say “Bam” the Exchange 2010 virtual server that I am working on dumps me out of RDP and will not let me back in. I tried to ping the said Exchange Server – no reply, […]

April 2, 2011

MVP Award for 2011 – a huge thanks to you all…

I just wanted to do a quick post to all of the readers of my site, and indeed the whole Exchange community whom I come into contact with – to sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart for contributing to myself being re-awarded the MVP in Exchange Server for 2011. When I […]

December 26, 2009

The Data Centre – the final road and completion…

As posted here and here during the mid point of this year I was taken “off radar” from a lot of my Exchange endeavours to work on the design, tendering and technical project management of the re-fit of my companies data centre. Considering the amount of work that was involved (as we had to rebuild […]

August 29, 2009

Data Centre Refurbishment – the Armageddon move

As per my post here – some of you will be aware that my lack of posting has mainly been down to my work on my companies Data Centre. As mentioned before as we have had to do this in situ (where all of the existing server and Communications infrastructure is still in place) which […]

April 2, 2009

Man, I am glad that I am not the mail admin involved here

If you have been following the news in the U.K the latest political hot potato surrounds the Prime Ministers (former) Political Press Officer (which is a fairly high position within Government outside of the cabinet) Damian McBride. It would seem that Mr McBride had written a number of e-mails which contained less than accurate statements […]

April 1, 2009

MVP Award – April 2009 Cycle for Exchange Server

Today started out like any other – wake up with my son on my head (yes he does that), got pulled out of bed by my wonderful wife, stand in the shower, get dressed (don’t visualise that as it’s not nice and this is a family site), drink tea, drive to work, review Technical issues, […]

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