In this section you will find historic articles that can apply to most versions of Exchange, general observations that I have made over the years or I just didn’t know quite where to file them!

Some of them may apply more to a specific version of Exchange more than another so check the content just in case, but where possible (or where I was paying attention) I have placed them in other categories on the site so they may appear twice depending on where you are looking.

December 4, 2011

For the love of Exchange…

Someone asked me a little while back why I love Exchange so much. This was an interesting question, as even though I have worked with Exchange for many years – I had not really considered why I like it so much as a product until that point in time – or indeed that I really […]

December 14, 2008

Problems with the EXBPA on using CCR Clustering on Windows 2008

Whilst on the subject of the EXBPA (previous rambling here I thought that I would pass on a couple of (probably well known) tips on why the BPA can fail or generate warnings when being run against a Windows 2008 based Exchange 2007 server using the “Health Check” option. The Two most common errors […]

December 3, 2008

What exactly is an MX record (Mail Exchanger)?

A MX (Mail Exchanger) record in its simplest form is a DNS entry for a domain which when queried by a sending MTA (SMTP Server) tells it where the destination MTA is. A properly configured MX will consist of a correctly defined Alias record as MX records cannot be defined from CNAME or direct IP […]

December 3, 2008

What is circular logging?

I get asked the question quite a bit, and, normally my response is go and Google it. The other day, my deputy manager had a problem with one of our Exchage servers (disk space) and he was looking at enabling Circular logging in order to sort out the problem. As a result I thought that […]

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