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Articles focused around Exchange 2007. There’s quite a lot of content around clustering and CCR as well as quite a bit around segregating a single Exchange 2007 organisation into multiple tenants.

It’s also home to what turned out to be my rather popular “Populate Lab Users” script.

August 3, 2009

Windows 2008 Failover Clustering – Adding a Second Node into the Cluster Fails (The operation returned because the timeout period expired)…

I have been very busy recently on a number of projects which have, alas taken me away from working with Exchange (much to my dismay). However a requirement has arisen in work where we needed to add in another clustered CCR mailbox server to support an additional 1200 users (my company has assimilated a number […]

May 2, 2009

Quick Tip: Move-ClusteredMailboxServer: Common Cluster Failure Exception 0x800713B2

Just a a very quick tip for those of you whom might come across this problem when trying to move an Exchange 2007 SCC Clustered Mailbox Server instance over to the passive node: Move-ClusteredMailboxServer -id lab-scccms-01 -TargetMachine lab-sccexnd-02 -MoveComment "Reboot" -Confirm:$False Move-ClusteredMailboxServer : Cluster Common Failure Exception: The cluster node was not found. (Exception from […]

April 30, 2009

Quick Tip: Exchange 2007 SP2 – Windows 2003 – Volume Shadow Copy Service error: An internal inconsistency was detected in trying to contact shadow copy service writers.

I was contacted last night by an online buddy whom had installed Exchange SP 2 onto one of his Windows 2003 based Exchange 2007 mailbox servers, but since the upgrade was now getting the following error message from DPM when he attempted a store backup: Volume Shadow Copy Service error: An internal inconsistency was detected […]

March 3, 2009

Quick Tip: Exchange 2007 SP1 – CCR Install problems with 60 second Domain Controller replication

So there I was today installing my spanky new Exchange 2007 CCR Cluster Servers when I can into a small problem during the final phase of the Mailbox GUI install on the first CCR node. Essentially setup erred with the following message: The computer account '<EXCLUSTERNAME>' was created on the domain controller '\\<YourDomainController>, but has […]

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