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Articles focused around Exchange 2010. There’s quite a lot here around Database availability groups, the OOOCTA (out of office configuration tool), Remove Exchange attributes tool (useful for FUBAR situations).

July 10, 2011

Quick Tip–Add a member account to all Distribution Groups in your Environment

Today I had the need to add a single user to all the Distribution Groups (around 120) within my Exchange Environment. Thankfully doing this task via Powershell this is a very simple "one liner". All you need to do is open an Exchange Management Shell Window and Type in the following command: Get-DistributionGroup | Add-DistributionGroupMember […]

July 10, 2011

Quick Tip–Creating Distribution Groups from a CSV file using Powershell for a LAB environment….

In a previous article, I provided a Powershell script which could be used to create a number of users for use within a Lab (test environment). Moving on from that, I recently started thinking about other elements of Exchange that are typically very repetitive to perform, but are also needed within an LAB infrastructure – […]

April 17, 2011

Exchange 2010–Recommended VMWARE LAB Specification

I thought that I would do a Quick VMWare LAB sizing post (to complement my Prerequisites post for Exchange 2010) for all of you whom are considering (or indeed working with) Exchange 2010 within a VMWARE Server (or perhaps any other version of VMWARE) LAB environment. To a certain extent, I do accept that some […]

April 10, 2011

Prerequisites for Installing Exchange 2010 SP1 on Windows 2008 R2

NOTE: This article has an update located here: This article is less about the installation of Exchange 2010 – as for the most part it is fairly similar to that of Exchange 2007 (well if you are using the GUI – there are a number of changes to the unattended – which I […]

April 8, 2011

OOOCTA 3.5 Download

Brief Description   NOTE: There are updates to this application in the download section below – 2/11/11 Application Download for the OOOCTA 3.5 (Out of Office Configuration Tool Assistant). Please note that there is now a support post (detailed in the Support Section at the bottom of this page) – which contains support updates to […]

November 2, 2010

Quick Tip – Exchange 2010 – This operation cannot be performed on a remote server. Please use the -ConfigurationOnly option and then manually move the files. Parameter name: ConfigurationOnly

Although this is a little bit embarrassing – I came across the problem above tonight, and I thought that it might be worth writing about as it gave me a brief pause for thought. The following is a very brief overview of the configuration that I have: x 1 Windows 2008 R2 Domain Controller x […]

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