Acknowledgements is made possible via the following, excellent community and GPL offerings:

Site Theme and general visuals makes use of a modified version of the excellent colorlib “Sparkling” Theme.
Selected menu glyphs are provided via Bootstrap 4 components.
Selected menu glyps are provided via a selected range from Font Awesome.

Plugins and Site Functionality

Advanced noCaptcha & Invisible Captcha by Shaminm Hasan noCaptcha functionality on comment forms.
Login No Captcha / reCaptcha by Robert Peake noCaptcha functionality on logon forms.
404page by Peter Raschendorfer Provides custom settings for the default 404 (not found) page.
Hide Page and Post Title by Arjun Thakur Provides controlled hiding of titles on certain pages on the site.
Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions by Rolf van Gelder Eindhoven Provides post revision optimisation within the WordPress database.

Andy Grogan and acknowledge the respective copyrights, licensing agreements and intellectual property of the relevant authors and organisations and thanks them for their continued community efforts and support.