About Andy

Andy Grogan is a senior,  UK based technology leader and author (of sorts) having worked in the industry since 1996.

He has held a number of wide ranging roles in areas such as 1st, 2nd and 3rd line technical support, technical lead, technical architect, chief technical architect, head of 3rd tier technical services and CIO (Head of IT) in public, private and third sector organisations.

Andy is currently the Chief Technical Officer and Head of Project and Innovation of a multi-award winning Technology department for the largest local Government Shared Service provider in the UK.

His role oversees 320 staff delivering the strategic direction and operational 3rd / 4th support tiers for three separate organisations employing over 47,000 people located at 400 + sites in the south of the UK.

The concept of www.telnetport25.com was born in 2005 on Google’s “Blogger” platform where the focus of the site was somewhat “off the wall” Exchange support scenarios. That developed over time to include some small scale software development made available via the site as freeware.

However as Andy’s career and experiences have developed from a mix of technical, programmatic development to now strategic opinion and advice for other senior thought leaders in either the technical or “C Level” space.

Andy’s work has been very varied however has a predominant focus on Microsoft, HP, IBM, Citrix and VMWARE solutions with a distinct leaning towards Exchange, Active Directory, VBSCRIPT, C#, PowerShell and SQL Server.

In more recent professional experience Andy has been working strategically with Cloud, Hyper-convergence, Data Centre and DevOPS as part of enabling large scale organisational transformation through technology.

Outside work – Andy has been lucky enough to be a five time recipient of the Microsoft MVP award for Exchange Server (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013) and is now a member of the MVP Reconnect Community.

As well as www.telnetport25.com Andy has contributed to sites such as  http://searchexchange.techtarget.com and http://www.msexchange.org and has authored numerous technical articles and chapters for e-books.

If you would like to network with Andy – please do so via  LinkedIn or Twitter @telnetport25com