1. Fantastic detective work to find this solution – well done! This completely fixed my problem.

    Interestingly this fixed the problem without me having to complete adding the Exchange account again. I think I had tried to add the account again after it didn’t connect after installing MacOS 10.15.4, and the new account was “queued” somewhere, but getting confused with the existing one in my iCloud account settings.

    As SQLLite is used by quite a few Apple products (& others I’m sure), the DB client will prove useful in the future.

    Many thanks!

    1. More than welcome John; glad that it helped. It may have had something to do with the iCloud – with me I had to recreate it 🙂


  2. Andy,
    You have no idea how much time and frustration this has saved me. I had this happen on my iMac a couple weeks before your post. I could find no workable solutions after exhaustive internet searches and so I ended up completely blowing it away and loading from scratch. As soon as my Time Machine backup was done, 20 hours later, I did not start Mail. I went into System Preferences and quickly deleted the Exchange mail and all has been good. Just this afternoon, I got onto my MBAir and MPPro and much to my frustration, the same error came up.I had visions of having to do the same on two computers. So I did another internet search and there you were. I made the changes and it worked like a charm. Thank you soooooo much.

    1. Hi Ben, you are very welcome. Apologies that I did not post it in time to help you avoid having to blowing away your iMac but am glad that it saved you the same fate with your other machines.

  3. Andy, Hi!

    I have tried it. It worked. The solution is very elegant.
    Besides, I have learned something about the internet accounts organization in Catalina.
    Thanks a lot!👍


  4. Hi Andy,

    I had the same issue but this fixed it and only took a couple of minutes. Thanks!!


  5. Thanks Andy

    I followed your instructions up until the point I found, instead of “Exchange” under the ZAACCOUNTDESCRIPTION I found my exchange email address. I deleted the record as you did anyway.

    But then the same problem persists! Was this due to the set up of my email account prior to Mac OS update?

    1. Hi Ben, for your original account account; when you set it up change the Default name which is Exchange to your email address? It is also possible (I can’t remember) that through the evolution of MacOs that this field may at some point of been the email address (I don’t know how many times that you’ve upgraded).

      Anyhow, it’s possible that there a duplicate in there – have a look in the table at the ZOWNINGBUNDLED field and find the entry that has your email address in the ZUSERNAME for your Exchange account with a value of: com.apple.preferences.internetaccounts.remoteservice – then delete those. Hope that helps.

  6. Wow, Would like to thank you so much for taking the time to showing us how to sort this little but most definitely annoying problem! Thank you!!

  7. Thank you! This has been driving me crazy and your instructions were really straightforward. Thanks so much.

  8. Hi Andy,

    Really nice of you to post this solution.
    It was easy to follow. You are my new internet hero. Thank you very much. John

  9. BTW, this works for corrupted iCloud accounts as well. In my case, there were two rows associated with the email address I was trying to use for iCloud. I deleted both, saved the DB, and the re-opened the Internet Accounts and now I could login to iCloud using that email address.

    Thanks for figuring this out. It was driving me crazy!

  10. Thank you, this was the key clue in one of my many problems with Mail.app: restoring /Users//Library/Accounts helped when my main account on my main Mac (10.13) got zapped when I was trouble-shooting problems on my sacrificial Mac, on which I am test-driving MacOS BS.

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