A new look and a new direction…

Well, that’s been another long hiatus for me hasn’t it?

I wouldn’t blame people for wondering if I had given up on telnetport25.com! The truth is that it’s never very far from my mind (nor are the annual hosting charges!). I’ve been thinking quite hard about what I should ultimately do with the site and I won’t lie I did briefly consider letting it fade into the annuals of time and call it a day, however I decided against that option.

Like many people these days I have a busy life, ironically given that there have been so many changes for me over the last few years I should technically have more time to spend on here – but paradoxically the opposite has been true where I have had little time to even consider sitting down and writing again.

However, I took some time out of work over the last few days and I decided that I was going to do some serious work to bring telnet out of the dark ages technologically, as well as do some pretty serious “house keeping” and rebranding.

So, what has been done?

  • New look and feel with a new template which makes use of Bootstrap 4.
  • All old content has been moved to an archive section, checked for missing links, irrelevant posts deleted and images and recategorised (man, that is a day of my life that I will never get back, thank god I had a few beers on hand…). Don’t worry its all still fully searchable and available!
  • All previously available downloads are in one place and easily accessible should people wish to continue to get hold of copies of all my older apps.
  • From a back end perspective, I have spent quite a lot of time in the guts of the MySQL database for the site. Over the years, subsequent plug-ins updates, upgrades and a couple of disaster recoveries had left the DB in quite a mess.For this release of the site I have started again with a new schema and cleared out loads of junk from relevant tables so hopefully performance should be a little quicker!
  • The site is served up via SSL via Lets Encrypt – to help provide you all with a more secure browsing experience.

    EDIT: The site is now served up via SSL – but via CloudFare which should result in better performance and security.

There will be new content coming over the next few weeks (yes, honestly – I will be posting) and I am hoping to make the source code for all of my applications available for download (if, that is I can find it on the ancient hard drives from my old labs).

I will also be moving the site to a new hosting provider in the next few weeks as I have just discovered that my existing lot have gone out of business! I probably should be more worried about that than I am at the moment …. but I am sure it will be fine

I have also moved the site to a new hosting provider (SiteGround) due to the untimely demise of my old outfit (who appear to have gone under in late 2006 – right after my last renewal – thanks for the ‘head’s up’ you bastards!) – which is leaving me with an interesting challenge of securing my domain as they left it locked and due to their general ‘out of business state‘ are not responding to my requests for an unlock or EPP code … but I am sure it will be fine ….

No doubt over the next few days there will be further tweaks to the overall look and feel, as I still have some vacation days left (I promise that I have a life – this time last year I was on a beach!) but I hope that you like what has been done so far!

P.S, if you find anything that’s broken – please let me know! 🙂

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