Distribution List Reporting Tool (DLRT) 2.5

I have been adding a few features to the Distribution List Reporting Tool which I thought that would be useful and I am pleased to announce that I think that it is ready. Hope that you like it.

Change History

Version 1.0
  • Initial release
Version 1.1
  • Added in handling for environments where there are no distribution lists
  • Added in handling for environments where there is only one distribution list
  • Added in handling for lists that contain either no or only a single membership entry
  • Added in an event debugging information field at the bottom of the main page
Version 1.2
  • Added in handling for lists that contain spaces within their names
  • Modified the version number on the logo to 1.2
  • Added a “sort” button for the lists on the main page – this sorts the names Alphabetically
Version 2.0
  • Modified Member list rendering engine from a list control to GridView when querying a single list
  • Added in bulk reporting on all lists which contain members with new GridView renderer
  • Added in bulk reporting on lists that contain no members with new GridView renderer
  • Added in support for Distribution lists which have members in multiple domains
  • Redesigned user interface
  • Added in the ability to export list membership to a CSV file
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the incorrect reporting of lists that contain a single nested Distribution Group
  • Improved error and report handling than that in version 1.2
Version 2.5
  • Added in reporting for Dynamic Distribution Groups.
  • Added in view the properties of the Distribution Lists.
  • Added in view mailbox properties.
  • Small modifications to the look and feel of the application.


The installation binaries below can be used to perform both new installs and upgrade versions (e.g. run the setup executable and install over the top) – the IIS and Active Directory configuration remain the same if you have installed a previous version.

I have also included a full Installation and Users Guide within this download section.

cntMstr006  [ Distribution List Reporting Tool – Version 2.5 – 190KB ]

adobe [ DLRT Installation and Users Guide – 1.3MB ]

Installation and Users Guide

Please see the PDF download in the download section.


Support for Dynamic Distribution Lists

Version 2.5 now includes support for reporting on single Dynamic Distribution Lists. You will see a new button at the top of the screen entitled “Dynamic”.


Dynamic Distribution List Properties

You can also review the properties of a dynamic distribution list by click on the folder next to the distribution list name.


Group and User Properties

You will see that there are a couple of new buttons within the interface – these allow for you to expose relevant properties of both Distribution Groups and Mailbox properties.


Example of Group Properties


Example of Mailbox Properties


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