January 1, 2013

WinWOL – Version 1.1


WinWOL is a free and simple Wake on LAN tool for Windows. WinWOL is a small, portable .NET framework application which allows for you to build a list of common computers on your network infrastructure that you like to “wake up” remotely.


You can download the WinWOL tool from the following location.

01-01-2013 13-22-28 [ WinWOL – Version 1.1 – 170KB ]

User Guide

You can download the WinWOL user guide from the following location.

adobe [ WinWOL – Users Guide – 350KB ]

Change History

Version 1.0 – Initial Release
  • Now retired
Version 1.1
  • Complete interface re-design to allow for easier discovery and “waking” of remembered hosts.
  • Re-compiled against version 4.0 of the .NET Framework.
  • New Feature: Double click to wake feature added to the “Remembered” hosts window.
  • New Feature: Added in name resolution of remembered hosts.
  • Added in an ‘About Box’
  • Enhanced error handling.
  • New User and Installation Guide.
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