EBUCT–Exchange 2013 Bulk User Creation Tool

Program Description

The EBUCT is designed to create mailboxes within Exchange 2013 in bulk from pre-existing accounts in Active Directory. This is currently a feature which is missing from the Exchange Administrative Centre in the RTM and Exchange 2013.


This software should be executed from a server or computer which has the Exchange 2013 Management tools installed. The tool also requires version 4.0 of the .NET framework in order to execute.


04-11-201216-30-50 [ EBUCT.exe – 720KB ]

Relevant Links

The following posts contain a full overview and description of usage for the EBUCT.

Revision History

Version – 04/11/2012

  • Initial release – now retired

Version – 05/11/2012

  • Changed Interface “Select / Unselect all Mailboxes” to “Select / Unselect all Active Directory Accounts”
  • Changed “www.telnetport25.com” located in the status bar to be an active and clickable URL
  • Moved the enable mailbox process bar to be next to the enable button
  • Added in a progress status label
  • BUG FIX: Fixed Directory Accounts with special characters within the name (samAccountName) were not processed correctly
  • BUG FIX: The “Select / Unselect all Active Directory Accounts” check box was not unchecked when all processing had been completed


  • Re-compiled the tool so that it will run with version 4.0 of the .NET Framework, some people reported issues with 4.5 as they were not running it.
  • Added in Event Logging Diagnostics: The EBUCT creates an Event Log under Applications and Services called ExchangeEBUCT – relevant information from the tool is logged here

 Version 2.0 – 26/04/2013

  • Redesigned interface to make the software more simple:
    • Removed the need to select Directory users from the from the “Active Directory Users without Mailboxes” to the “Selected Users section”. You can now just check the accounts in the Treeview.
    • Added in a ‘File’ menu which allows for the application to be exited from a menu command.
    • Added in an ‘About’ box.
    • Flattened the user interface buttons.
  • New Feature: Search for a specific account within the Active Directory Treeview.
  • Error Handling: Added in some enhanced error handling scenarios which in previous versions could result in the tool raising an Exception.
  • Error Handling: Program will notify you if you try and enable an account without having selected a Mailbox Database.
  • Error Handling: Program will notify you if you have not selected at least one Active Directory Account.


  1. Great tool.
    Unfortunately, does not see ANY users, only the databases! I have about 50 user accounts in AD that are not mail enabled Any suggestiuons?
    Thanks Andy.

  2. Not sure if this works on EXCH CU1 2013. Sees all my databases but no AD users. Is seems that the info is not being pulled.
    -On Server 2008 R2 box with all updates
    -Exchange 2013 CU1 (relased on April 1, 2013)
    -Running as Ent Admin.
    Thank you Andy.

    1. Hiya Shah, could you confirm which version of the tool you are running? The latest version logs information to Applications and Services in the Event viewer – could you mail that data on to me?

    2. Hiya Shah,

      I have now had a chance to test the EBUCT against an identical configuration to yours and I cannot replicate the problem that you have described.
      When you get a chance could you send me the event log that I mentioned in my previous message so I can have a look at what is happening, as another reader has reported the same thing; but they have not come back to me either.
      With your assistance (which would be appreciated) – I can ensure that the tool functions correctly.

      Many thanks


    3. Thanks Andy again so much for pointing out the missing info in my Active Directory. You were able to pint-point the fact that my users in ADUC were missing UPN suffix as they were created with script. Once the UPN suffix was populated, all the accounts that were NOT mail-enabled showed up in EBUCT.
      The tool ROCKS!

  3. I noticed that same.. 🙂
    I was testing with a bunch of user accounts created with VB Script. The script does not populate many of the Active Directory User account attributes (UPN Suffix, for example).. It works fine now that I have entered the missing fields.
    Works perfect to bulk mail-enable user accounts with this tool which Exchange 2013 cannot do!
    Thanks everyone~

  4. In my previous comment, I meant to say “Exchange 2013 Admin Center can NOT mail-enable accounts when selecting multiple accounts”. PowerShell can. It’s odd that the VERY BASIC, simple function is not available on present on EAC. Thanks to Andy for creating the tool..

  5. Hi Andy, looks like a great tools but only old AD accounts show up in the list. Any new AD accounts are not showing up. Any ideas? I would love to use this tool!

  6. […] NOTE: I have updated the version of the EBUCT.exe from version to The new build contains minor bug fixes that I have found since its release on the 04/11/2012. I have also made some very cosmetic changes to the user interface – the guidance below is still relevant and covers the appropriate use of the tool. For full revision history – please refer to the download page located here: http://www.telnetport25.com/2012/11/ebuctexchange-2013-bulk-user-creation-tool-2/ […]

  7. Hello Andy,
    Just to let you know that you have done an amazing job with EBUCT… I have used it and its simple and wonderful… I did mentioned it in my website as well and have done a demo video for your product with Exchange 2016 (During my Exchange Server 2016 video series)…All Credit for this tool goes to you… Also i did mention your website in that video…


    In case if you do have any objection then please do let me know and i will remove this video…

    Best Regards,

  8. Andy

    First thanks so much for great work can you make it by OU, browsing by OU or searching by name


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