August 28, 2012

Exchange 2010 DAG Update Database Copy – Hresult: 0x50d. Error: A database backup is already in progress.

I came back from Hol’s today to an odd issue with one of my production database copies (2010 x 3 node DAG). Whilst I was away there has been a slight incident in one of our data centres which resulted in a failover between DAG nodes. Whereas service was restored quickly – one specific database's copy failed.

My team had tried to resume the database copy and also tried to update the database copy with the delete existing files option – but each time they did, the following error message would be presented to them:

The attempt to seed database '<DB NAME>' from the active copy on server '<DBX-1>' to the copy on server '<DBX-2>' failed:

Microsoft.Exchange.Cluster.Replay.FailedToOpenBackupFileHandleException: Couldn't open backup file handle for database '<DB NAME>' to server '<DBX-1>'. Hresult: 0x50d. Error: A database backup is already in progress. Please verify that no other seeding or incremental reseeding operations are started for this database, and then try the operation again by rerunning the Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy cmdlet. 

At Microsoft.Exchange.Cluster.Replay.SafeBackupContextHandle.GetAndSetIntPtrInCER(String serverName, String dbName, String transferAddress, SafeBackupContextHandle& backupHandle)

   at Microsoft.Exchange.Cluster.Replay.EseDatabaseBackupReader.GetESEDatabaseBackupReader(String serverName, String dbName, Guid dbGuid, String transferAddress, String sourceFileToBackupFullPath, UInt32 readHintSizeBytes)

   at Microsoft.Exchange.Cluster.Replay.SeedDatabaseFileRequest.OpenSeedStreamer(Guid dbGuid, UInt32 readHintSize, Int64& initialFileSizeBytes)

   at Microsoft.Exchange.Cluster.Replay.SeedDatabaseFileRequest.Execute()

My suspicions were immediately drawn to the segment of the error ‘Couldn't open backup file handle for database’ whereas there was no specific backup software on the server, there was a Backup Exec agent. I stopped the agent on the server and then attempted the Update Mailbox command again – and this time around it the update processed correctly.

So if you should come across this scenario in your own environments, have a look at any running backups – or backup related services which might be interfering with the operation.

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Andy Grogan
Andy Grogan


3 thoughts on “Exchange 2010 DAG Update Database Copy – Hresult: 0x50d. Error: A database backup is already in progress.

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    Some time bouncing backup agent also do not work as its already set value “true” for parameter “backupinprogress”
    Here, only way is to reboot exchange server, I also got same issue and fixed this way.

    Get-MailboxDatabase -Identity DB01 -Status | fl backupinprogress

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    Thanks for pointing me to the right direction. I was wondering why 2 of my existing database weren’t starting the dag process while the new one I created dag’d properly the 1st time. Found out it was the backup software running and locked up the filed. Dell AppAssure backup was taking the backup and probably locked up some files I guess..

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    how can i stop or remove the backupInprogress flag from the database, already agent was stopped on server, i cannot resart server.

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