Exchange Update Management System – Version 1.5

Program Description

The Exchange Update Management System provides a GUI interface for the process of upgrading your Exchange 2010 Servers (2010 SP1 and above). Primarily designed for updating mailbox servers which house the Mailbox Role in DAG configurations – the tool can be used to upgrade other role holders as well.


  • This software should be executed on the DAG node or Exchange Server that you wish to install the Roll-up or Service on
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and above


UMSSetupIcon [ Exchange 2010 Update Management System – v1.5 – 1.3MB ]

Relevant Links

The following links provide a full overview of the tool and how it can be used within your Exchange environment.


Installing the Exchange 2010 Update Management System
Exchange 2010 Update Management System on a DAG Server
Functionality of the Exchange 2010 Update Management System on non-DAG servers

Revision History

  • 1.0 – Initial Release
  • 1.1
    – Ability to disable Forefront Services
    – Disable Specific Services from within the tool
  • 1.2
    – Ability to execute custom Powershell Commands
    – Ability to use the tool with Exchange Service Packs
  • 1.3
    – BUG FIX: Fixed Forefront Services Disable Command
    – Added to the Forefront Services Command – Stops the MSExchangeIS and MSExchangeTransport Services
    – Added to the Apply Command – Starts the MSExchangeIS and MSExchangeTransport Services
    – Added Command Logging Window with Export Command
    – Added hints window
    – Added dedicated About Box
    – Better error handling
    – Other minor bug fixes
  • 1.3a
    – Minor bug fix to support expected services not being present on the execution server
  • 1.5
    – Added Product Splash Screen
    – Added automated Forefront Server protection detection
    – Added the ability to Start Forefront Services
    – Added Exchange Server Role Detection
    – Added Support for Updating other roles other than DAG Mailbox Servers (now supports updating all Exchange Roles)
    – Added upgrade order "best practices" Window
    – Renamed Product to reflect full role / update support
    – Interface changes
    – Minor Bug Fixes
    – Better Error Handling
  • 1.6 – is currently in development


  1. When i ran this tool on our exchange server 2010 it says not valid exchange server is detected. Our server was installed by our hoster. How can i check if they did their work properly?

  2. Hein,
    hire me and i will tell you if your exchange environment is set up correctly 🙂 . But you can check best practice analyzer on exchange to do a quick check and see if you have anything missing/miss configured for a start.

    I would like to thank you guys who worked on this utility, you guys have no idea how many times this tool saved me — so Thank you!


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