April 9, 2012

Re-launch of Service Desk.NET 3.5.1…

A looooong time ago (in about 2010 I think) I wrote an ASP.NET web enabled application that allowed for a defined group Service Desk users to be delegated password reset access for users within a given organisation. I had initially wrote the code for use within a company that I was working for at the time as we were not keen on deploying ADUC to the service desk for a number of reasons.

I did make the tool available for download on Telnetport25.com, but somewhere during the migration from Joomla to WordPress I lost the source code, didn’t bring across the previous versions download location and could not find the original Word source of the Installation and Users manual (doh!)

However the other day (during my migration from VMWARE to Hyper-V) I found a load of old LAB machines hiding on an external hard drive – which I decided to “power on” to see what they used to do (just in case there was something useful on them).

To my delight I found the full source code for Service Desk.NET, as well as a load of the supporting documentation that I had written at the time – so I decided to give the tool a little bit of a face lift (not by much) – and add some new features to it – as well as tidy up the installation process (which for the original tool was pretty intense).

I have made ServiceDesk.NET available for download from the following location: http://www.telnetport25.com/2012/04/servicedesk-net-version-3-5-1/ so if you are looking for a pretty simple tool where you can simply delegate password resets to a group of users – check it out Smile

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