April 1, 2012

MVP Award for 2012 – 4th time’s a charm (and special)…

I am (almost) speechless – I have just received a notification that I have been re-awarded the status of Exchange MVP for the 4th year running from Microsoft. I am really pleased – and again – humbled and honoured that people who read this site and my community peers still think that all this time later I am still worth the time to nominate and consider.

It has been an interesting couple of years, having moved out of the “hands on” technical role to a strategic endeavour and more recently (in the last month) back into a senior technical position – I will admit that it has been hard to keep my time up on the site and keeping pace with the ever changing world of Exchange Server Smile.

One of the very best things about being an MVP is the people who you meet and converse with online – whether they are readers of a (this) site, members of forums, fellow MVP’s, Community Site owners or Microsoft employees – each and everyone of those individuals contribute to a single MVP’s status and for want of a better term ~ success.

I would not have managed to of been re-awarded this year if it were not for the continued advice of other MVP’s, the consideration of people like Barbara Matysik-Magro (of MSExchange.org) and – a very, very personal thanks to my MVP lead Claire Smyth who supported me with an issue with my submission when she did not really have to.

But most importantly – I thank you, the reader(s) of this – who (and to sound cliché) – it really would not be worth it, unless you viewed, commented upon and suggested things. Even if I were not an MVP I would still put my energies into www.telnetport25.com as even if my inane ramblings helps one person – then it is worth it!

Anyhow ~ I am hoping to produce a bumper year here on telnetport25.com (I have a load of ideas that I want to get published) – so all that I have left to say is ~ thank you once again – and of course have a great Easter!

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Andy Grogan
Andy Grogan


4 thoughts on “MVP Award for 2012 – 4th time’s a charm (and special)…

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    Hello Andy,

    Congratulations, thank you so much for all your efforts which make us understand better.


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    hi Andy

    Thank you so much for your efforts.


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    Congrats Andy…

    Keep ahead..

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