RUPS Tool version 1.3a

Note: The download version of this tool has been updated to reflect the lastest version.

Just a very quick update to the RUPS tool, taking it to version 1.3a – nothing too major, just a small bug fix to the logic which detects and then manipulates the MSExchangeIS and MSExchangeTransport services – basically if you executed the tool on a server which did not have either one of the services installed you would be presented with a .NET exception.

I have added in some Exception handling code that allows for the tool to continue processing should this circumstance arise. My thanks go out to Tunde TMoney for pointing this out to me.

I won’t go into great detail on how to upgrade the installation as this has been covered here.


As before this version of the tool supersedes all previous releases and I recommend that you replace any current version that you are using with the one below.

UMSSetupIcon [ Exchange 2010 Update Management System – v1.5 – 1.3MB ]

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