Update to the RUPS Tool (Apply Roll-Ups to Exchange 2010)…

Note: The download for this article has been updated with version 1.5 of the tool. 

Yesterday I published version 1 of my Exchange 2010 Roll-Up encapsulation tool – and today I am releasing version 1.1.

The good news is that there is nothing wrong with the original version Smile (i.e. for once I have not had a bug reported to me which means that I have to re-code the entire app!) – but I am providing this update as I have had some pretty immediate feedback from readers of the site where two of the suggestions were far too good not to break out my trusty copy of Visual Studio again!

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to iLantz for taking the time to feedback to me.

Updated Features

There are two main changes to this release which are as follows:

  • The facility to disable Forefront protection services (fscutility /disable)
  • Disable specific services from within the tool that could also disrupt the Roll-Up process


The new version of the tool supersedes the old, all you need to do is download the installer from the following location:

UMSSetupIcon [ Exchange 2010 Update Management System – v1.5 – 1.3MB ]

The installation process is exactly the same as what was covered in the original release – however if you have already downloaded the first version of the tool you can choose to continue using it – or – delete it and install this version (recommended).

New Features in Action

When you load the new version of the tool up the first thing that you should see is a new “Advanced” menu entry at the top of the screen – see below


Selecting the “Custom Services Selector” will open a new Window that lists all of the Services that have been found on the local machine – see below


Selecting a Service will enable the “Stop” button – choose the services that you wish to stop and then click on the “Close” button.

The other new feature is the “Stop Forefront Services” open (from the Advanced Menu above) – select this option if you have Forefront installed on your Exchange Server and it will automatically execute the “fsutility” on your behalf.


  1. amazing work man
    highly aoppreciated, will make my lower tech’s happy:)
    thanks again
    (wondering why microsoft cant create a tool like that:) even for 2007 ccr)

  2. FYI.. great tool… but one error… a biggy!

    The Forefront tool is NOT fsutility, it is fscutility in the current release. That is why it didn’t run for me.

    Also, even when fixed, how do you get around the fact that the exhcange Store and Transport need to be stopped before the fscutility /disable will run?

  3. Thanks for the heads up Charlie, bit of a doozie that one, forgot the blinking “c”. I will get a fixed version uploaded tomorrow. As for the services don’t worry, I can get them coded in as well.

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