OOOCTA 3.5.2–Patch Release 2– Round 2…

NOTE: this post has been re-published due to issues found with the original binary installer for patch 2. This version has been tested with Exchange 2010 and uses a modified setup.

This patch release is designed to fix an issued that has been identified in OOOCTA 3.5 (both the RTM and Patch 1) in regard to Exchange 2010 compatibility.

In essence when using OOOCTA on a management server or Exchange server which has Exchange 2010 SP1 installed the correct PowerShell command libraries are not loaded – users will see the following error message in the OOOCTA system log:

Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.Admin is not installed on this computer

I would like thank Mark Hermann for bringing this to my attention.

Patch Download

Please note – this is a patch release, not the full version of the product – you will need to have the RTP (Release to Public) version of OOOCTA and Patch 1 installed before applying Patch 2.

This is a non-cumulative Patch – therefore you should installed the fixes contained in Patch 1 before applying Patch 2.

NOTE: Before you update the OOOCTA with Patch 1 you MUST stop the OOOCTA Command Processor Service from within the Windows Service manager – if you do not do this, the service binary will not be updated to the latest version.

[OOOCTA 3.5.2 – Patch 2 for OOOCTA RTP – 155KB ]

Patch Installation

Download the above patch to your Exchange or Management Server.

Double click on the “ooocta352-Patch2.exe” and following the installation wizard. When asked for an install location – make sure that you have selected the Service directory – if you have selected the default install location for the RTP build of the software this should be “c:\program files\OOOCTA35\Service”.

When the installer has completed you can restart the OOOCTA Command Processor Service from the Windows Services Manager.

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