June 19, 2011

OOOCTA35 (3.5.1) – User Guide Released

I know that this is about three months late Smile – but as well as Patch 1 for OOOCTA, today I am pleased to announce the release of the OOOCTA 35 (including 3.5.1) User’s guide.
I have published the guide both below and on the download link for OOOCTA 3.5.

adobe[ OOOCTA 35 – Users Guide – 1.4MB ]

I have also taken this as an opportunity to update the Installation guide to encompass the instructions for patching the system to 3.5.1 (again updated version below and on the application download link).

adobe[ OOOCTA 35 – Installation Guide – 1.4MB ]

Hope that this helps!

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