April 9, 2011

Remove Exchange Attributes Tool – version 1.0

Brief Description

This tool will allow you to forcibly remove the Exchange attributes from a user account in Active Directory.


This tool is destructive! – it will forcibly disassociate a mailbox from its AD account – this process is not easily reversible and should not be performed unless you have a good reason.

This is very much use at your own risk – neither Microsoft nor I will be able to support you if something goes wrong – it should only be used in the most severe of circumstances – you have been warned!

System Requirements

  • NET 2.0
  • Exchange 2007 / Exchange 2010 (tested against the RC build)


You can download the tool from the following location:

ESEUtilGUIIcoRemove Exchange Attributes Tool – Version 1.0 – [11KB]

It should be downloaded into “c:\RemoveExchangeAttributes” – on either a Domain Controller within the Domain where the previous mailbox server was resident or onto the new Exchange Server.


Please the following article here

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Andy Grogan
Andy Grogan


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