April 2, 2011

MVP Award for 2011 – a huge thanks to you all…

I just wanted to do a quick post to all of the readers of my site, and indeed the whole Exchange community whom I come into contact with – to sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart for contributing to myself being re-awarded the MVP in Exchange Server for 2011.

When I think back to 4 years ago I did not dream that my ramblings would one day give people the confidence in me to be put forward for the award, let alone be here 3 years on having been deemed to of provided a suitable enough contribution to justify being brought back 3 times! It is a real privilege to be an MVP, but irrespective of if I was or not, I would still contribute on this site (and others) – as the important thing to me is trying in some way to help out – and plus Exchange is just so darn interesting (I am not sad – just passionate).

Thank you all, I am touched. Anyhow I am going to cut this short now, as I have a number of things that I am working on which I wish to present to you all very soon in regards to telnetport25 – and indeed I am launching a new site very soon bsed around another technical topic that is close to my heart (other than Exchange)  – but that I am keeping a bit of secret for now! Smile

Additionally I am furthermore pleased to announce that as well as providing content for Search [email protected] – I will also from April 2011 be providing content for MSExchange.org (which is another real honour for me) – so you cannot escape me these days Winking smile.

I hope that you all have a great Easter break – and peace and love to your families. Andy G

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Andy Grogan
Andy Grogan


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