Exchange 2003 Out of Office Tool – version 1.30



This utility can be installed on your Exchange server and then used by administrators to set the Out of Office Status for users in their organization without having to log into the destination mailbox. You can also configure an alternative recipient from within the tools interface – this version replaces all previous versions.



New Features in this release:

  • The default search page (startup) now sorts MailNickNames alphabetically
  • The default search page (startup) now has a link so you can type in a custom Alias
  • You can now report on all mailboxes which have OOO set
  • You can now turn off OOO for a mailbox

Installation Instructions:

I have had a few queries from people whom are still experiencing issues with configuring the tool – for your benefit there is an instructional video published below (it is also available from my downloads area):

vidicoConfiguringOOOTool.rar [2MB Compressed] – [59MB Expanded]

Please review the video as these are the SUPPORTED installation instructions – please also note that it is not recommended to install the OOO tool on Front End Servers – I have experienced functional issues with the tool, and it could present a security risk should your FES be published to the outside world.



Script-icoOut of Office Configuration Tool – Version 1.30 (32.0 KB)