April 3, 2010

Re-awarded the MVP for Exchange Server in 2010 and New Horizons…

MVP_Horizontal_FullColorWow, that is all I can say at the moment!!!!

I found out on the 1st of April (and thankfully not an April fools joke) that I had been re-awarded the Microsoft Valued Professional for a second year in the technology area of Exchange Server.

With what I am about to say, I can certainly understand if people whom are reading this will get a “yeah, yeah” moment; but I really, really did not expect to be re-awarded, and I am truly (and yet again honoured) proud to maintain the MVP.

I have been acutely aware that I have not been posting with as much regularity as in previous months (well last year) .

In truth I have had trouble finding the time to devote to the Exchange community (much to my own personal dismay) since around November last year (2009) – most of this, has been down to work (which I know is a pretty lame excuse), but in all honesty I have been so busy in terms of getting in at around 08:00, finishing at around 21:00 as well as working weekends I have been tired I have not had the chance to work on any posts for the blog.

Given the above, and indeed how long that it has been going on for, I had become somewhat resigned to the fact that the chances of being re-awarded the MVP were perhaps somewhat slim – I remember an online friend of mine telling me that being awarded the MVP is hard – but keeping it is harder!. Therefore receiving it again has been a real surprise, and yet again I feel honoured that people have liked the work that I have put together enough to nominate me.

This brings me onto the “New Horizons” element of this post (I will do this now, as I have some thanks and apologies to make a little later on).

As some of you are aware I am current the Networks and Infrastructure Manager for a large government based organisation in West London. I have really enjoyed the role over the last 14 years and I have been honoured to work with my team as we have achieved so much – but, just prior to last Christmas I had started to think that perhaps it was now time to move on.

There were number of reasons behind this, but in the main I felt that I had reached all of my personal goals within the organisation, whilst also believing that it was time that I look into more senior roles (my current post could be equated to that of a CTO) – therefore my career progression had been on my mind.

Therefore over the last few months (since around Jan 2010) I started to look at a number of jobs which were on the market, which I am please to announce that I have been appointed to the position of Head of IT (CIO) at one of the best performing Housing organisations in the UK.

Whereas I expect my new role to be both demanding and challenging as well as far more strategic than previous posts that I have held – I know that I will have more time to devote to this site, and hopefully continue to produce articles, scripts and applications which you find of use.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone whom has supported me throughout the last year (and indeed since I ever started writing on the web), as well as those whom have nominated me again in regard to the MVP – your support is sincerely appreciated.

I also owe a few people out there an apology, as mentioned above I have been caught up with work so much – this has inevitably led to me not getting around to replying to e-mails which have been submitted via the site – I am very sorry for not getting back to you all – I will be trying to make contact over the next few days to apologise in person and see if you are still interested in my help.

So to finish off, thank you all for your ongoing support – and indeed I hope to work on, and provide content over the next year which justifies and continues to deserve the award.

– BTW – Love and peace to your families – Happy Easter!

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