March 3, 2009

Quick Tip: Exchange 2007 SP1 – CCR Install problems with 60 second Domain Controller replication

So there I was today installing my spanky new Exchange 2007 CCR Cluster Servers when I can into a small problem during the final phase of the Mailbox GUI install on the first CCR node.

Essentially setup erred with the following message:

The computer account '<EXCLUSTERNAME>' was created on the domain controller '\\<YourDomainController>, but has not replicated to the desired domain controller <OtherDomainController>) after waiting approximately 60 seconds.

Please wait for the account to replicate and re-run exsetup /newcms.
The Exchange Server setup operation did not complete. Visit and enter the Error ID to find more information.

I had to exit setup (as there is no “Wait and Retry” option) after which I opened up the Exchange Management Console (to see what state my Organisation was now in) and was presented with the following:


As you can see in the “Server Configuration” Window I have a server where the role is “Provisioned” – this was the server that I was attempting to setup at the time.

I then jumped into the Failover Cluster Manager (as I was also installing Exchange on Windows 2008) and found that no resources (aside from the Network Name and IP address) had been created for the Exchange Server – which was unsurprising considering that setup had crashed out.

After some quick research on this problem I found out that this issue is caused by the Clustered Exchange Instance Name for the Exchange Server is created on a Domain Controller which is either not local to the Exchange install (for example on another site) or a domain controller that was not being used by Setup. In this situation Exchange setup will allow 60 seconds for replication to occur – however if you have a number of domain controllers it is possible that this will take longer than 60 seconds.

Forced a domain replication via Active Directory sites and services – and then went to the Exchange Binaries installation directory via a Windows command prompt where I ran the following command syntax: /newcms /cmsName:<ClusteredExchangeMailboxServerNetworkName> /cip:<ClusteredExchangeIPAddress>

Therefore the command looked like the following:

E:\ExchangeMedia\ExchangeServerServicePack1> /newcms /cmsname:crp-exccrev-01 /cip:


The unattended command line setup for Exchange then fired up and completed successfully:

Welcome to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Unattended Setup 

Preparing Exchange Setup 

No server roles will be installed
Clustered Mailbox Server 

Performing Microsoft Exchange Server Prerequisite Check 

Configuring Microsoft Exchange Server 

 Clustered Mailbox Server ......................... COMPLETED 

The Microsoft Exchange Server setup operation completed successfully.

Inspection of the Exchange Management Console showed that the default Storage Group and Mailbox Store had been created and indeed a quick review of the Failover Clustering Manager now showed the correct Exchange resources.

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