Windows 2008 – Running Exchange 2007 – Remote Administration Error – (Unable to create Internet Information Services (IIS) directory entry)…

Ok, in between writing the final part of Segregation Tool and indeed trying to sort out the mess that is the Out of Office Administrators Assistant – I also ran into the above above within one of my production environments.

Essentially I had installed a dedicated Exchange 2007 Management server (running on Windows 2003 x64) which would then be used to administer all of my Windows 2008 / Exchange 2007 Servers.

However after I installed and then ran up the Exchange Management Console on the new Windows 2003 (x64) management server I encountered the following error when accessing my CAS and Mailbox Servers:

Microsoft Exchange Error
The following error(s) were reported while loading topology information:

Unable to create Internet Information Services (IIS) directory entry. Error message is: Access is denied.
. HResult = -2147024891.

Access is denied.
Directory Path: IIS:///W3SVC/1/ROOT/Exchange
server name:
local machine name:
local machine fqdn:

Access is denied.

After a lot of looking around on the Internet (via Google) I found a solution (which I wish that I could claim credit for) located here:

Be aware that some solutions that you will find on this topic recommend re-installing Exchange and Indeed IIS – which to be honest is a little drastic – especially if you are experiencing this problem within a production environment – therefore I recommend using the above method first.

Please note that you will need to RESTART your server after making this change this is not mentioned in the article above.

Full credit must go to “Tommy” and indeed “Amit Tank” for publishing this information.

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