December 3, 2008

Exchange 2003 OWA Password Change – “Object Required” error…

Like a number of people, one of my Exchange installations makes quite heavy use of the the IIS reset password facility – if you don’t make use of this system and would like to there is a great KB article HERE that details the steps involved to enable password resetting via OWA – please note that it is highly advisable the you make use of a Front End Server configuration and use SSL to change OWA password via the web interface.

The other day I received a call from one of the Helpdesk folks where I work informing me that there was a problem with people resetting their passwords via the system.

I enquired to what the specific problem was (and typically of our Helpdesk) came the response “I don’t know, just it doesn’t work” – Argggh!

In the end I configured a test account and logged into OWA and then attempted to change the password for the test account (below is the OWA change password button) which is displayed when you click on the Options button on the left hand bar of the OWA screen;


When you click on the change password button the IIS Change password screen will open up which looks like the following;


I filled in the details of my test account and then clicked on the OK button – the screen which is displayed after will normally say “Password Changed Successfully” however, it displayed “Error: Object Required”.

After a little looking around on the Front End server I finally found the way to resolve the error – which is as follows;

1. Click on the Start Button, then select RUN

2. Type in regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\iisadminpwd\iispwchg.dll

3. Click on the OK button.

After I had done this, I tried to reset the test accounts password again – which this time it worked.

I am still not sure as to why it broke in the first place – but, this certainly fixed it for me.

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