Quick Tip – Remote Registry problem installing Exchange 2007 32bit SP1 management tools on Windows XP

I saw a post in the MSExchange.org forums yesterday where a chap was having problems installing the 32bit Management Tools for Exchange 2007 (Service Pack 1) onto his Windows XP workstation. Essentially every-time that he tried to install the tools during the preparation process of SETUP he would receive the following error message:

Service Remote Registry failed to reach status “Stopped”

He explained that when he tried to restart the Remote Registry Service manually but the service would hang when attempting to stop (he would receive the usual failed to stop within the timeout period).

I asked him if he rebooted his workstation and then tried Setup again – to which (unsurprisingly) he answered he had.

I had a quick think and asked him to perform the following:

  • In the Services Manager MMC on his workstation – set the Remote Registry Service Startup to “Disabled” – then reboot
  • When the workstation had rebooted I asked him to set the Remote Registry Service Startup to “Manual” – then try the installation again.

On this occasion the setup process ran, and he was able to complete the installation of the Management tools. I hope that helps someone.

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