Welcome to telnetport25.com

Welcome to telnetport25.com!

This site has been a labour of love for over 15 years and something that I have returned to time and time again. It is a reflection of my life from being a die hard tech head specialising in Microsoft Exchange Server and Active directory, programming and Data Centres all the way through to the strategic technical leader, father and partner that I have gravitated towards today.

During the course of time the focus has changed in line with events in my life (both personal and professional) to the point where it serves as a historic resource for IT professionals all over the world and a creative thought platform for my own personal observations on life – with the occasional nerdy endeavour when time allows.

I hope that you find something useful on telnet and enjoy the content.

You can find out more about me in the About section, recent posts in the Blog section, my technical back catalogue in the Archived Articles link and more recently my experiences living under COVID-19 in the COVID Chronicles section.