Wow, I’ve been writing this post for a year! I really need to make sure that when I make comments like ‘this looks like it could be serious’ I then don’t follow through with some content! Anyhow, I’ve been thinking about how this article could land and resonate with people. Its going to be one […]


So, two posts done – I might actually be serious about this! For those of you just re-joining us, I covered the various why’s about my prolonged absence and reasons why I have chosen now to return to blogging in part 1 of this series. It was an emotional affair which was probably as much […]


Wow!!, has it really been almost four years since I last sat down and wrote anything for What have I been doing? Why return now? What are you going to be writing about? – these are the questions that I hear no one ask! What have I been doing? Probably easier to really ask […]


RSS feed problems…

by Andy Grogan August 25, 2013

Dear all, had a few problems with the RSS feed to the site (thanks to Wojciech Sciesinski for pointing it out to me). Had to adjust the number of displayed posts to 20 , and switch the feed from full articles to Summaries. Not sure how long it has been offline as I don’t view […]

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Exchange 2013 DAG Status Dashboard – version 1.02

by Andy Grogan August 15, 2013

Over the last few weeks I have been working on an update to the EXDSD based upon feedback that I have received from the community. I have added in some new features such as being able to control Services from the landing dashboard and I have also added a new “Servers” dashboard which allows for […]

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Some observations on recent articles on TechTarget…

by Andy Grogan July 27, 2013

NOTE: Since I wrote the articles four years ago, I note that Search Exchange have edited the comments and removed the views of others. Whereas I was annoyed about what was said – I didn’t want the remarks to be removed. I guess this is the only post left that represents in the slightest how […]

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Exchange 2013 DAG Status Dashboard – version 1.01

by Andy Grogan June 24, 2013

Today I had a day off work so I decided to have another look at the EXDSD – in particular the “missing” features as described in the release post (which you can read here). What’s missing? At the moment the EXDSD does not support monitoring of any aspect of the DAG network. This will be […]

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Exchange 2013 DAG Status Dashboard–version 1.0

by Andy Grogan June 23, 2013

NOTE: Version 1.0 of the EXDSD has now been replaced by version 1.01 – all links have been updated to reflect the changes and details of the update can be found here. I have been working for a while on a new tool called the EXDSD (Exchange 2013 DAG Status Dashboard). I had two main […]

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How to programmatically get all Mailbox Databases from Active Directory using C#…

by Andy Grogan May 19, 2013

Ok, so I was thinking (which is always a very dangerous thing!) – after my last post on how you can programmatically count Mailboxes per Exchange Database – I was wondering how you can programmatically get a list of all Exchange Mailbox Databases in Active Directory via their distinguishedName. Why was I thinking this? – […]

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Programmatically counting mailboxes in Mailbox Databases using C#…

by Andy Grogan May 18, 2013

Ok, I know that the above is pretty easy using Powershell. In fact it is possible to also implement this using Automation Runspaces (again executing Powershell cmdlets from within the C# project) to achieve the same thing. But for a program that I am writing at the moment I needed to take a slight different […]

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